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We’re pioneering a unique concept that puts you at the very centre of your training experience.

Forget feeling lost on large gym floors. Unique Health & Fitness delivers enjoyable, results-driven health and fitness solutions that are designed to help you reach your goals faster.

Our Story

Our founders, Aidan and Oliver Pemberton, share a long-standing passion for the health and fitness industry.

Having experimented with all kinds of training regimes and approaches during their careers, these two experienced personal trainers discovered early on that group environments deliver a much more inspirational and sociable experience than lone workouts on the gym floor.

They could see that 1-2-1 training sessions were the way forward, but they realised these kinds of personalised programmes were often only available to a select few, largely because of the costs involved in getting a trainer’s undivided attention.

They became frustrated that very few gym-goers weren’t getting what they needed from their memberships. They could see that clients were bored of just going through the motions, with little variety in their routines. Their enthusiasm was waning by the day. Something needed to change.

They set out to create a gym with a real community feel – the kind of place where trainers understand each of their clients on a personal level, and members feel like they truly have all the support and guidance they need to succeed.

We help our clients transform their health for the better through results-focused group training solutions that keep our members motivated and striving for more. Unlike other gyms in the Great Dunmow area, we also offer additional nutritional services and regular health assessments to our clients, free of charge.


"There is also no better
feeling than
helping our members succeed in their results"

Our memberships include:

Unlimited Workouts

Access to 50+ PT sessions every week

Tailored nutritional advice & recipe packs

Regular health assessments

Personal portal on our Club Manager app

Access to club competition & events

Meet Team

Meet our teams


Ollie Pemberton

Owner & Personal Trainer

Level 3 personal trainer, BS degree in Sport & coaching science. I thrive of seeing members succeed and love the process of getting clients results.


Rich Symonds

Personal Trainer

Level 4 Personal trainer. I love to help people get sustainable results without sacrificing their lifestyle, so they can keep results forever. Helping people enjoy the gym and not find it a chore, get rid of all the misinformation over the years that people still believe.


Aidan Pemberton

Owner and Group Personal Trainer

Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer Specialises in helping people build a healthy, balanced relationship with exercise and nutrition. I strongly believe that if you enjoy what you are doing through the process, you will create long lasting results.


Matthew Beeton

Personal Trainer

Level 3 Personal Trainer and Level 3 Strength & Conditioning. I became a personal trainer to help members gain confidence inside and outside of the gym. I enjoy helping members develop their knowledge of training and the importance of nutrition. 

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Our facilities


We have tonnes of cardio equipment for you to try, including treadmills, spin bikes, rowers, ski ergs, assault bikes and assault runners.


From power racks and pulley systems to benches, dumbbells, Olympic bars, bumper plates and leg presses, we’ve got everything you need to improve your strength.


Our functional gear ranges from staple items like kettlebells, battle ropes and sandbags and also includes slam balls, TRX suspension trainers, wall balls, plyometric boxes, and a prowler sled.

Changing rooms and toilets

We offer full changing room facilities for men and women, complete with showers and lockers.

Car parking

There are plenty of spaces onsite at our gym in Great Dunmow.

Opening times

We are open between 6am – 12pm, and 3.30pm – 9.30pm on weekdays, and 7am – 12pm on weekends.






Come along and see what all the fuss is about! Contact us now to arrange a free consultation call.

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