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Whether you’re at the start of your fitness journey or you’re a seasoned athlete, we guarantee you will benefit from our dynamic, results-focused group workouts.

How our sessions work.

We run more than 50 full-body workouts every week. Incorporating elements of strength, resistance, cardio, and conditioning, these 60-minute sessions really are designed to keep you guessing! The constant variety of training will prevent your body from hitting a plateau, so you’ll see quicker results and stay motivated for longer.

All sessions are delivered by our highly experienced personal trainers, who have decades of experience in the health and fitness sector between them. And because we get to know all our members on an individual level, each workout is tailored to suit the goals of everyone involved.

We have tonnes of professional gym gear onsite for you to try, too. You can learn more about our equipment and our facilities on our About page.


As a member, there’s no cap on how many workouts you can attend. Join us once a week or train every day

– it’s totally up to you!

Our sessions include a mixture of:

High-intensity interval training

Functional based training

Resistance training

Core stability work

Cardiovascular conditioning

Strength training




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Emma Testimonial - Unique Gym-002
Dan Mercer - Testimonial

 What else do we offer?

Health & nutrition support

What you eat is just as important as how you train. Our staff can provide you with tailored nutritional advice to help you achieve your specific objectives.

Diet Plan

Regular health assessments

We’ll carry out a full assessment when you first join our gym. From there, we’ll provide health reviews every 6 weeks to help you measure your progress.



Jump on a call and speak to our team about what you want to achieve, your challenges and how we can overcome them together.

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